i just wanna cuddle naked with you and see who gives in first tbh

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This was our first night together, ever. I had just gotten her from the airport a couple of hours beforehand and we decided to pitch an 8 person tent and sleep outside. I remember not knowing when to kiss her or even hold her hand because I was so nervous, but finally, when the others fell asleep, I turned to her and we kind of just lay face to face in silence. I kept inching myself closer and closer to her and brushing my lips over hers lightly. It was the most peaceful moment I’ve known yet my insides were exploding with adrenaline. She always tells me she didn’t see my kiss coming but I never fathomed how she couldn’t have expected it. And when we kissed I swear to God we did so for the next 10 minutes without even taking a break to breathe. It was pitch black but I didn’t need light to know that we were both smiling. She then turned around so I grabbed her waist and spooned her from behind. We held hands and fell asleep just like that. The morning after, I got up while she still slept and I went to go buy her coffee (her fav kind - vanilla blonde roast from Starbucks) so that she’d have something nice to wake up to. I remember getting a text half way home from her being like “When will you be home, I miss you”. Fuck, I love reminiscing about our beautiful memories. This happens to be one of my favourites. She was (still is) so perfect. So soft and tender and inviting. I can’t wait to create new memories with you this summer. I wouldn’t rather be with anyone else.

I absolutely adore this

Libra & Aries - Sex



I think you’re cute

cute as in I wanna hear what you sound like while experiencing an orgasm

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Please know that if you date me, I am a very touchy person. I will like to pet your head and hold your hand, rub your shoulders or hug you a lot. Simply put, to physically feel you in some way is very comforting to me and I can’t really apologize for it, it just feels natural to me and makes me happy.

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